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Feb 12, 2018
The Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion (LUCSoR), the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion (NGG), The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER) in cooperation with the University of Erfurt Research Centre „Dynamics of Jewish Ritual Practices in Pluralistic Contexts from Antiquity to the Present“ are pleased to announce their joint conference on Interpreting Rituals: Historiographical Perspectives and Pluralistic Contexts, to be held on October 29-31, 2018 at Leiden University.

Sep 18, 2017

EASR Conference 2017 | Leuven: Communicating Religion

The 2017 cconference of the EASR will take place in Leuven, Belgium on 18-21 September.


More information can be found on the conference website:


UPDATE (22 March 2017):

The bursary program for the 2017 EASR conference in Leuven is now available online on the EASR website: This year, we offer nine bursaries of a maximum of €400 each. So if you fit the candidate description in the bursary page and are eligible, please consider applying. The timeline for applications and notification of results is given in the same page. Please help spreading information about the program among fellow members of your own national association.