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Apr 11, 2018

After careful deliberation, the award committee has decided to select Bas van Rijn as the winner of the first Cornelis Tiele MA Thesis Award.


Van Rijn's thesis, titled "The Mind Behind the Cards: Searching for the Source of Tarot Divination’s Popularity through a Cognitive Analysis" was selected based on the original choice of topic, the careful execution, and the ambitious way in which he does not just apply cognitive models but also seeks to develop them.




Mar 12, 2018
The Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion (LUCSoR), the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion (NGG), The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER) in cooperation with the University of Erfurt Research Centre „Dynamics of Jewish Ritual Practices in Pluralistic Contexts from Antiquity to the Present“ are pleased to announce their joint conference on 'Interpreting Rituals: Historiographical Perspectives and Pluralistic Contexts', to be held on October 29-31, 2018 at Leiden University.




Feb 8, 2018
Out of seven excellent doctoral dissertations the award committee selected Stefan Binder’s dissertation, titled 'Total Atheism: Making mental revolutions in South India' as the most original and innovative. In addition, the dissertation was also considered to contribute the most to religious studies as an academic discipline, balancing carefully between ethnographic data and theoretical debates.